Heat Treating gears can come with its own set of unique challenges. At IN-MET we understand that to correctly Heat Treat gears we must adhere to strict inspection requirements, exact quality standards and tight deadlines. IN-MET’s experience in Heat Treating, proper quality control procedures and internal company auditing allows us to meet our customer’s needs for quality and quick turn-around.

IN-MET has designed Heat Treating processes that will meet your specific requirements and produce excellent properties with minimum distortion. We have the experience and expertise with a wide variety of materials across a wide range of industries which enables us to meet your Heat Treating needs. Our internal process specifications can be developed individually for your unique application ensuring that the Heat Treating of your gears is processed to your specifications.


Stress Relieving - Gears - Inland Metallurgical


Stress Relive Heat Treating is beneficial to gears that will undergo subsequent processes and have been subject to machining stresses or grinding that may cause brittleness or distortion.

Full Annealing - Gears - Inland Metallurgical


Full Anneal Heat Treating rough gears or blanks is done prior to any heavy machining, forming or grinding operations allowing for easy working properties of the material.



IN-MET offers several Heat Treating endothermic atmosphere carburizing batch furnaces allowing us the flexibility to meet your specific needs.

Carbonitriding - Gears - Inland Metallurgical


Gears made from low alloy steels or plain carbon steels often require ammonia during the Heat Treating carburization process to increase the surface hardness of the desired area. IN-Met offers the carbonitriding process as an added benefit for our customers.

Oil Hardening - Gears - Inland Metallurgical


Hardening of gears through the Heat Treating process can also be accomplished with IN-MET's integrated oil quench batch furnaces.