Inland Metallurgical Knives


IN-MET is an industry leader in Heat Treating knives. The properties that you are looking for in your knife can be attained by Heat Treating the knife blank to its optimum hardness. The process begins with normalizing the blade to help ensure that minimal warping occurs through the Heat Treating process. 

By first heating the knife steel, and then quickly quenching it, the knife will become much harder and more durable. However, this initial Heat Treating process will also make the steel brittle. To reduce brittleness, the material is tempered to achieve the desired hardness. This tempering results in the ideal balance between the hardness and the toughness of the finished blade.

Knives with Inland Metallurgical


We Heat Treat all grades of steel used for knife blades. Prior to Heat Treating all blades are evaluated for damage, straightness, special fixturing requirements and Heat Treating requirements. 

We understand that your products performance is key to your business which is why IN-MET is dedicated to delivering you the highest quality Heat Treating for your knives. Our state of the art Quality Control process, industry knowledge, and traceability standards ensures that you are getting the highest quality Heat Treatment available for you blades.

We Heat Treat both recreational knives and cutlery blades.